If you want to become a parent, you may go to great lengths to bring a child into the world. While many traditional couples experience a natural birth process, countless others struggle with infertility. 

If you are your partner are struggling to conceive, you might consider in vitro fertilization (IVF). But in some cases, you may also consider adopting a child or having another woman carry your baby to term through gestational surrogacy.

Gabrielle Union is a new mom

Although she is not the first celebrity to publicly discuss having a surrogate mother carry her baby, actress Gabrielle Union is transparent in her conversations about her struggle with infertility and the choice she made for becoming a mother. After undergoing multiple failed IVF attempts and experiencing numerous miscarriages, Union admits her concerns about surrogacy, such as:

  • Feeling like a failure
  • Wondering how people would react
  • Finding the right surrogate mother

However, Union’s maternal instincts took over once she held her baby in her arms.

What should you consider in a surrogacy agreement?

If you consider having a surrogate mother, documentation will be key as you begin the agreement and contract with your chosen surrogate. This will include the amount of compensation she will receive, as well as what is covered by her compensation. You might be able to contract the behavioral expectations of the surrogate during the pregnancy. And along with the surrogate’s relinquishing of all parental rights and responsibilities of the baby, your contract will need to specifically state that you will be the legal parent of the child upon birth.

Maybe you always envisioned having a baby of your own. But for whatever reason, perhaps that is not possible for you. Regardless of the journey you take to become a parent, you can rest assured that no matter which route you choose, you have options.