The thought of losing a loved one can be incredibly difficult to come to terms with. 


When the person that we lose is a family member, not only do we grieve their loss, but we also grieve for the loss of a part of our family’s legacy. And it’s only natural to want to preserve this legacy.


How can we do that? Through surrogacy.


As science and technology have progressed, more and more people are turning to surrogacy as a viable option for achieving the family of their dreams, even if they’re not here anymore. 

How Can Surrogacy Help Preserve Your Family Legacy

Family legacies are incredibly important, and their impact can be felt for generations to come. 


Here’s how surrogacy can help preserve your family legacy:


Allows for Biological ConnectionSurrogacy provides a way for couples or individuals to have a biological link to a child. 


In cases of infertility or genetic concerns, surrogacy enables parents to conceive their child using their own sperm or egg. 


In situations where the intended parent is deceased, the use of gametes or embryos, which were either stored prior to their demise or donated, can also be an option. 


This biological connection is essential in preserving your family legacy for future generations.


Creates a Lasting LegacySurrogacy allows for the creation of a new life, which contributes to the continuation of a family’s legacy and maintains traditions, so the family name and cultural identity is not lost.


Offers Emotional SupportFamily members who have experienced the loss of a loved one can find surrogacy as a way to process their grief. 


Through surrogacy, they can honor the memory of their loved one and continue to grow their family. The surrogate can also provide emotional support. 


They become an integral part of the family and can offer love and comfort to the intended parents and the newborn.


Provides a Positive Healing ExperienceSurrogacy can offer a positive healing experience after the loss of a loved one. Bringing a new life into the world can help ease the pain and sadness of loss. 


It can provide a way to move forward with hope and joy. The intended parents can also celebrate the new beginning of their family and create new memories while not losing the memories and lessons from the past.


This is what Spanish Actress Ana Obregon chose to do. Her son Aless Lequio passed away at age 27 from cancer. Before Aless underwent treatment he froze some of his sperm. His dying wish to his mother was to have children. According to Ana, he wanted 5 children. 


Ana found a surrogate to bring into the world a beautiful baby girl to carry on her son’s legacy and she couldn’t be happier. She discussed having more of his children in the future to fulfill his last wish. 


Surrogacy can be an emotionally draining experience both physically and mentally, but with understanding and compassion it also offers people the unique opportunity of preserving their bloodline in ways they never thought possible. 


From taking time to carefully weigh the risks against benefits involved to forming strong bonds with your surrogate while planning ahead – there’s no doubt that surrogacy is a noble act that should be respected by all those touched by its effects. 


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