Living life in the public eye can make everything you do more difficult. From getting married to going to the grocery store, your actions are subject to far more scrutiny than those of individuals who have thus far avoided public notice or notoriety.

Public attention could even contribute to the downfall of your marriage, as your spouse may find themselves wishing for a more peaceful or simple existence. Regardless of the reason why one of you filed for divorce, you both need to prepare for the stresses that can come from divorcing as a public figure.

While divorce carries substantially less social stigma than it did years ago, everything you say and do during your divorce could impact your reputation and your career. That is why mediation can be the perfect way to end a highly-public marriage.

Mediation helps you avoid the drama and public embarrassment of court

When anyone gets divorced, what they say in court becomes a matter of public record. The average couple going through a divorce has minimal reason to worry about those records, although it is possible for their children or even their current employer to request and review the records of their divorce with embarrassing or negative consequences.

Mediation lets you keep everything private in most circumstances. You can discuss embarrassing issues such as infidelity or addiction without those problems becoming public record. In other words, you can find a fair and reasonable solution to your divorce without ever involving the court. Instead, you will only need to file your final agreement with the courts and wait for the state to formalize the dissolution of your marriage.

Mediation is currently trendy and considered a classier solution

From so-called conscious uncouplings to divorces where the couple still spends a substantial amount of time together for the sake of their children, celebrities often have to come up with unique solutions for the end of their marriage to put a positive spin on the whole situation.

The public can have strong opinions about what someone does in a divorce, and those opinions could affect someone’s reputation and career. Mediation can offer a low-conflict resolution that puts a good face on an otherwise difficult and potentially negative experience.

Mediation gives you more flexibility for unusual and unique scenarios

As a public figure, you may have a more demanding or irregular schedule than many other people. That could make divorce uniquely difficult, especially if you share children with your ex. Trying to establish a workable parenting plan through the courts can be difficult when your family has numerous unique concerns.

Mediation offers a space in which you can effectively address outstanding issues and create an agreement that will work well for both parents and the children. Although there are circumstances in which mediation is not a good solution, for those hoping to divorce quietly, quickly or affordably while maintaining control over the outcome, mediation may be the simplest solution.