Fertility struggles can be an emotionally draining experience for many couples
struggling to conceive a baby.

But what if the very technique they’re relying on to make their dreams come true is
threatened and targeted by forces beyond their control?

It’s a reality that many IVF patients face when considering the implications of today’s
highly conservative anti-abortion movements.

As we all know, the anti-abortion movement has been gaining momentum in recent

The movement aims to make abortion illegal and, in some cases, even criminalize it.

This has raised concerns among IVF patients because the process of IVF often involves
the creation of several embryos, some of which can be destroyed if they’re not used
which could be considered as a form of abortion by some anti-abortion groups, and
could result in legal action taken against fertility clinics.

Leaving couples trying to conceive via IVF stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Procedures, Restrictions and Fears

In vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures have been a source of both hope and controversy
for couples struggling with infertility.

While the advancements in reproductive technology have opened doors for couples who once thought they could never conceive, IVF procedures have also faced legal restrictions and backlash from the anti-abortion movement.


Let’s take a further look!

IVF Involves The Creation And Destruction Of Embryos

Embryos are created during the IVF process, and not all these embryos are used.
Some embryos may contain genetic abnormalities, and others may not develop

These embryos are either discarded or frozen for future use.

However, the anti-abortion movement believes that life begins at conception and all
embryos are “persons” with rights that must be protected.

IVF patients worry that this belief could translate into laws that restrict or ban access to
the IVF procedure.

This could mean that IVF patients will not have access to this medical procedure in
some states or countries.

The Anti-Abortion Movement Could Affect Access To Stem Cell Research

Stem cell is a medical research that uses embryonic stem cells to develop medical
treatments for various diseases and conditions.

The movement believes that stem cell research is morally wrong because it involves the
destruction of embryos.

IVF patients worry that this could restrict access to this medical research, which is essential for developing new treatments for various medical conditions.

The Effect of Anti-abortion Sentiments on Patient Psychology

The movement has also had an impact on the psychology of IVF patients, many of
whom are already under enormous emotional stress.

The uncertainty created by anti-abortion campaigns, the fear of social stigma, and the
risk of being labeled as immoral can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, and anxiety, which
can adversely affect the chances of a successful pregnancy.

These are just some of the concerns being raised with the new anti-abortion laws.

All in all, it’s clear to see why so many couples undergoing IVF are greatly worried about
the potential implications of the anti-abortion movement.

With so much at stake for parents who have gone through the journey of fertility
treatments and hope to one day be blessed with a child, they understandably don’t want
their options limited by governments preventing them from making fully informed

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