Finding yourself caught off guard with an unplanned pregnancy can really throw you for a loop. Especially when you have other children. 


It can be scary and can leave you feeling quite vulnerable trying to find some answers. 


What are your options? What are you going to do now?


First, try and take a deep breath, I know it’s easier said than done. But just know you are not alone. 


Having an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult but knowing your options can help make some decisions easier. 


One option could be to place your baby up for adoption which may turn out to be a great choice.  



Making the decision to put your child up for adoption is never an easy one. But if you find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy it may be a good alternative for several reasons.


Adoption allows you:


  • Keep a relationship with your child. There are several types of adoption. An open adoption allows you to choose how much communication you have with the adoptive family and your child, whether it be by phone calls, emails, FaceTime video chats and even visits from both sets of parents. Not only does this allow for a close relationship between parent(s) & siblings but it also provides access into what life may have been like had they grown up together.


  • Choose the adoptive family. You get to decide who adopts your child. This is an important step. There are so many things that you need and want in your perfect family. Making sure that your child is placed in the environment you would want them to be in is important for all parties involved – especially children-to feel loved throughout the process no matter what they might go through before or after being brought home.


  • Adoption gives you access to counseling and support. You will be able to talk with your Adoption Coordinator about anything, anytime. They’re there for you and want the best outcome possible too!


Maybe you wonder how you are going to explain your adoption plan to your other children. Children are impressionable and smart.


It’s important to explain to your other child(ren) that you’re placing the baby up for adoption. 


This will not be an easy topic. Remember to be honest with them; use positive language; give them assurance of your love for them, for the baby and that they’re safe with you and allow them to express their feelings.


Deciding what is best for you and your family is never easy, but it is important to weigh all your options before making a choice. Talk to your doctor or another healthcare professional to learn more about the different options available to you. 


No matter what path you choose, remember that you are not alone. There are plenty of people who will support you through this difficult time.