Notably, today in the US, almost half of all marriages conclude in divorce. It begs the question: why is this statistic so high? What are married couples getting wrong?

People get divorces for various reasons; there may be a loss of respect, a loss of trust, a loss of understanding, a loss of love. Blogger Leena Sanders emphasizes that the issue is routine. When actions or conversations become habitual with your partner, things become mundane. She says, “Pursuing is underrated and easy to dismiss.”

Pursuing a partner has been a forgotten art form. Many have lost this talent after just a few months of dating. People take for granted the value of courting their partner and making them feel wanted, appreciated and loved. Though love does not make up the whole equation of a perfect marriage, it’s a contributing factor. People desire this feeling; it’s initially what brought the two people together.

When this feeling is gone, especially in a marriage, it’s hard to repair. Problems arise and the luring thought of separation impedes the mind. Making a decision on divorce is not an easy one, but the decision doesn’t mean the process should be difficult. If you can have a constructive conversation with your partner and come to an understanding on how to make this process most efficient, then you won’t be fighting for properties, arguing over custody, accumulating attorney’s fees, etc.

Even if the pursuit is gone, keeping the respect for one another will make the divorce process a much simpler one. Afterwards, when all has settled and time has progressed, it may be good to revisit dating. When dating, courting and pursuing, remember to not let things get mundane. Always think of ways to make your partner happy and how you would like your partner to make you happy. This art does not need to go away because of a divorce.

Your happiness comes first. Find someone who pursues you and make every moment a special one.