Infertility can be a devastating experience for anyone hoping to start or expand their

The emotional roller-coaster of fertility treatments – from diagnosis to various attempts at
treatments – often leaves you feeling exhausted, helpless and frustrated.

How does one know when it’s time to stop trying on the path of fertility treatments, and
instead turn towards adoption or surrogacy?

There is no “right” time to make that choice.

Each couple’s journey is unique, and the tipping point will vary from person to person.

What Are Some Infertility Tipping Points That May Occur?

When couples are trying to conceive, there may be a number of setbacks that arise
during the process.

Knowing what potential tipping points may occur ahead of time can help you better
prepare for this challenging journey.

Emotional factors: Infertility can take a significant emotional toll on aspiring parents,
especially when you experience multiple failed attempts at conception.

The stress and disappointment can lead to anxiety, depression, relationship strain, and
loss of hope.

When couples reach a point where the emotional burden of infertility becomes too
significant to bear, they may decide to look toward other options like adoption or

Financial factors: Infertility treatment is expensive and not always covered by


Because the price tag for a single round of IVF and other infertility treatments can range
from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Many couples find themselves accumulating significant medical bills and debt
associated with fertility treatments.

At some point, the financial burden of infertility treatments may just become too much,
and couples may seek alternatives that are more financially feasible, such as adoption
or surrogacy.

If you find yourself reaching this point it’s essential to carefully assess and plan your
finances before making any decisions that may have long-term financial implications.

Time factors: Infertility treatment can be a time-consuming process, involving frequent
doctor appointments, tests, treatments, and procedures.

These processes can take months or even years.

And for women, scientifically they’re stuck with that biological clock that just keeps
ticking leaving a small window to conceive causing many to step back and reassess
their options, including pursuing adoption or surrogacy.

Medical Complications: Receiving bad news from the doctor after several infertility
treatments can be disappointing and frustrating.

It’s important to know the medical risks and complications which can arise while
continuing to pursue infertility treatments.

These treatments can cause medical conditions such as ovarian hyperstimulation
syndrome and uterine perforation.

If you face medical complications due to infertility treatments, you may reach the
infertility tipping point that causes you to consider adoption or surrogacy as your next

Ultimately, the decision to pursue alternative family building options should be one that
is made with careful consideration, and with the knowledge that there is no
one-size-fits-all approach.

Remember to always take care of yourself as you navigate this delicate and difficult
journey knowing that there are options available for you to have a family.

Having the help of a support group, licensed therapist, or experienced professional, can
help you make the decision that is best for you and your family


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