It’s no secret that the abortion debate in America is still a fiercely contested topic among both sides of the political spectrum. 


While others stand firmly in favor of regulating access to such medical services, it seems as though adoption has been increasingly positioned by some anti-abortion activists as an alternate resolution for expectant mothers facing unplanned pregnancies.


Good alternative right? Well, yes and no.  


Believe it or not, despite this newfound push towards opting for adoptive parenting over terminating the pregnancy–  many expectant mothers who choose adoption can still face criticism for “giving up” their babies. 


Making it a no win, no win situation. 


So where does this leave us? 


It’s clear that both adoption and abortion come with their own set of stigmas, and neither option is perfect. 


But there are ways that we can work to better support women in difficult situations. 


Firstly and foremost, we must acknowledge that every person’s situation is unique and that there’s no “right” choice when it comes to parenting. 


Instead of positioning adoption as a one-size-fits-all alternative to abortion, we should focus on giving women the resources and support they need to make the decision that is right for them.

Adoption Alternative Stigmas

Adoption is a compassionate option for expectant mothers who are unable or unwilling to raise a child. 


But it comes with its own set of challenges that make it difficult for expectant mothers to make this heart-wrenching decision. 


Adoption is often stigmatized in society because there is this belief that placing a child up for adoption is a selfish act that is tantamount to abandonment.


This stigma is perpetuated by the media and by those who don’t truly understand the difficult choices that women face when they find themselves pregnant unexpectedly. 


Many women feel they’re just not capable of raising a child, mentally, physically or financially and placing their child up for adoption is the most loving thing they could do for them. 


The importance of compassion and understanding: Adoption is a difficult decision that requires courage and strength which is never taken lightly. 


Even when a woman places her child up for adoption the heartbreak she feels is tremendous because it’s a piece of her. 


We shouldn’t make it even harder by stigmatizing and criticizing those who choose to pursue it. 


Instead, we must show compassion and understanding to expectant mothers who are considering adoption and provide them with the support and resources they need to make the best decision for themselves and their child.


If they decide that adoption is not the right decision for them, then that’s their decision as well.


Society shouldn’t make women who choose to terminate the pregnancy as selfish and immoral. 




Because this can lead to a culture of shame and guilt for women who decide that abortion is their best option. 


At the end of the day, nobody knows someone else’s circumstances. Their decision is between them, the beliefs and morals and we as a society should honor and respect that!