child custody

A couple‚Äôs divorce settlement in California is not just limited to alimony and child support. They also need to consider federal tax implications and tax consequences, preferably when pursuing litigation or negotiating the settlement.   When a couple makes the decision to go their separate ways, several aspects of their life demand serious considerations. Such … Continue reading Understanding the Tax Consequences in a Divorce

If you are going through a divorce and have a kid, you know that there will be a child custody case that will decide who gets to keep the kid and who gets visitation rights. There are mediation services in California for child custody cases.   Child custody mediation helps avoid bitter child custody battles … Continue reading Tips To Prepare For Child Custody Mediation In California

Divorce can be traumatic for everyone in the family, especially for children. Data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that 50% of first marriages end up in divorce. More than 1 million children are affected in some way annually in the United States by the process and implications of divorce. Traditionally, until … Continue reading When Children Have A Voice In Who And Where They Want To Live

Requests to relocate will have a major impact on child custody agreements, and the courts will often need to step in and issue a decision.   It is not uncommon for individuals to look for new opportunities in different states, especially in a difficult economy. People might want to move closer to family so they … Continue reading Move-away laws in California and the impact on custody agreements