Are you considering surrogacy in California?


Good news – the Golden State is one of the most supportive and hospitable places for intended parents to pursue a surrogacy journey. 


In addition to being well known for its progressive laws on marriage equality and recognition of LGBTQ+ families, California remains a leader in reproductive rights – granting pre-birth parentage orders regardless of marital status or sexual orientation. 


Let’s see what it could mean for your own experience as potential parents.

What Are Some Advantages to Surrogacy in California?

Surrogacy is gaining widespread acceptance, encountering varied legal landscapes across states in the U.S. 

Among these, California emerges as a beacon of light in the surrogacy-friendly regulations, offering an inclusive and supportive environment for intended parents and surrogates alike.

One of the key advantages propelling California into the forefront of its unequivocal allowance for pre-birth and post-birth parentage orders. 

What does that mean?

Regardless of marital status or sexual orientation, California permits intended parents to obtain legal parentage rights immediately upon the child’s birth through these court orders. 

These orders permit a seamless transfer of parental rights from the surrogate to the intended parents, making a secure and timely establishment of the parental relationship.

Second advantage: the inclusivity of California’s surrogacy-friendly policies. These policies extend to all kinds of families, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation to ensure that surrogacy is accessible to everyone. 

Same-sex couples, single parents, and unmarried couples can all participate in the surrogacy process. This is in stark contrast to some other states where the laws are less inclusive such as New York, Arizona, Tennessee, Wyoming, Indiana and Virginia.

Third advantage: surrogacy in California is that surrogacy contracts are enforceable. 

Really? Yes.

It means that intended parents and surrogate mothers can sign legally binding contracts detailing the expectations and terms of their agreement. This provides a clear framework for everyone involved, minimizing the risk of misunderstandings or disputes.

Fourth advantage: surrogate mothers in California are also well-protected by the state laws. 

The surrogacy laws of California provide full protection to surrogate mothers, with clear provisions for their health, safety, and well-being. 

They have the right to choose their medical care provider, receive comprehensive health insurance, and receive compensation for their services. 

All of these provisions ensure that surrogate mothers feel valued and respected, making the surrogacy experience a positive one for everyone involved.

Fifth advantage: working with experienced surrogacy agencies.

There are many experienced surrogacy agencies in California that assist intended parents with finding a surrogate, navigating the legal process, and managing the surrogacy journey. 

These agencies offer personalized support throughout the entire process, from initial consultations to post-birth care. They also provide financial protection and assistance in case something goes wrong.

Sixth advantage: additional benefits for intended parents.

Intended parents can also enjoy the additional benefits of surrogacy in California that include multiple birth coverage under health insurance policies.

The state has an extensive network of hospitals and medical facilities to make the surrogacy journey smooth and less stressful.

By championing equality and embracing the dreams of intended parents from all walks of life, California solidifies its position as a surrogacy-friendly state, where the boundless joy of parenthood through surrogacy becomes an achievable reality for all who seek it.

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