Foster Parent Adoption


The legal relationship between foster parents and foster children can last for months or even years. During this time, many foster parents develop strong emotional bonds with the children in their care. Over time, these bonds can become strong enough for a foster parent to wish to legally adopt the child.

As a foster parent, you are likely unfamiliar with the specific steps and requirements in California’s adoption process. This process can be complicated if you try to navigate these waters on your own. An experienced family formation attorney can provide you with guidance throughout the process and ensure that the adoption is as smooth as possible for you and your foster child.

The attorneys at Shulman Family Law Group have an in-depth knowledge of California’s adoption process and have helped many individuals just like you grow their families. While the process of adoption is the same for foster parents as for other individuals, there are some benefits to being a foster parent adopting a foster child. Those benefits include:

  • Foster parents are already familiar with the child and, in most instances, the child’s birth parents.
  • Foster parents know what to expect from a child and are familiar with the child’s personality, needs and behaviors.
  • A child will experience less stress than if he or she was adopted into a brand new environment.

Resolving Complicated Issues: Terminating The Rights Of Birth Parents

The Court must terminate the rights of a child’s birth parents before the child may be adopted, which could be challenging depending on your specific situation. Some birth parents refuse to give up their rights as it signals the end of their parent-child relationship.

Our attorneys work hard to resolve these issues and to prevent complications from arising in the future. When you work with our firm, you will feel confident that you have a strong, experienced advocate on your side throughout the entire adoption process.

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