Knowledgeable Legal Counsel In All Types Of Adoption

Forming a family through adoption is a legal process that should be managed by a licensed and experienced attorney. The adoption attorneys at Shulman Family Law Group will guide you through the entire process, using their knowledge and experience in adoption law to make sure that your adoption goes smoothly.

We assist with most kinds of adoptions, including infant adoption, domestic adoption, stepparent adoption, relative adoption, agency adoption and private adoption.

We assist all couples in completing the documentation and procedures necessary for the security, protection and happiness of the adopted child.

Protecting The Rights Of California Birth Parents

In the state of California, the rights of both birth parents are taken into consideration when an adoption is being processed. Generally, the signatures of both birth parents are required, and if the child is over age 12, the child may also consent to his or her own adoption.

Before any adoption may be finalized by the courts, the rights of the biological parents must be terminated.

Terminating and establishing parental rights is a complicated process. Our attorneys work through these complexities and make sure the law is followed and new parents are not burdened with legal complications later on. Call us today to make an appointment with one of our attorneys to speak about adoptions.

Workable Post-Adoption Agreements

In many open-adoption cases, you can create a post-adoption agreement that allows continued contact with certain birth relatives of the child. This connection can be a great benefit to the child-especially if he or she is part of another culture or is being adopted by extended family members.

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