Family Law Mediation


In addition to being family law litigators, vigorously advocating for our clients, the attorneys at Shulman Family Law Group, are also available as mediators, working neutrally with both parties in a dissolution, parentage, adoption and domestic partnership to resolve serious issues in an environment that fosters calm, reason and confidentiality.

  • Divorce, including complex divorce

  • Modifications to decrees

  • Deciding child custody

  • Deciding move-away cases

  • Calculating child support

  • Spousal support decisions

  • Dividing property

Mediation, a proven form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is not the right venue for all family law cases. It is not ideal for couples troubled by domestic violence or criminal behavior, or in which one side is oppressive to the other.

In the mediation practice at Shulman Family Law Group, clients expect even-handedness, trustworthiness and deep knowledge of the law. Our reputation for respectful and effective mediation sets us apart from other family law firms.

The Private Judging Alternative

When your family law problem requires rapid attention, binding action and absolute discretion, consider hiring our attorney to decide a fair outcome both parties can agree to.

Advantages of private judging include:


Private judging occurs behind closed doors, at clients’ convenience, without unwanted spectators and without the press.


When two sides choose a judge together, they can choose someone with demonstrated expertise.


A private judge is not hurried by a loaded court docket.

No bureaucracy:

There is no case backlog to slow the process.

If your family issue is important to you, work with the much respected and admired child custody and visitation advocates in Southern California. You are invited to call the Calabasas child custody lawyers at Shulman Family Law Group, to discuss your legal problem toll free at 800-230-1770—or contact us using the online form.