Family Formation & Relationship Law

Pre- and Postmarital Agreements

Premarital and prenuptial agreements work because they address and determine issues of responsibility within the relationship before the specter of divorce arises.

The more assets you bring to a relationship, and the more successful you are during the relationship, the more you need the guidance of a high-end marital agreements attorney like Maya Shulman.

Questions That May Be Addressed in a Prenup
  • What are each party’s assets and debts?

  • Which assets and debts will be kept separate from the marriage?

  • Will spousal support (alimony) be paid? If so, for how long and in what amount?

  • What will be the inheritance rights of your spouse?

  • Are both parties expected towork?

  • How will household money management work?

  • Who will be responsible for paying bills and taxes?

These are uncomfortable questions. Part of the usefulness of our expertise is that we deal with these questions in a calm and purposeful way that does not trigger unnecessary anxiety.

We work with both high net worth families and those of more modest means. We believe these agreements are in everyone’s best interest. When properly crafted, a premarital agreement guards against later stress and uncertainty. The law firm of Shulman Family Law Group, includes two certified family law specialists who will ensure that your agreements stand the test of time.

There are other agreements that are useful in planning for a relationship’s future. Postmarital agreements are very similar to premarital agreements, except that they are created at some point during the marriage, not before. Cohabitation agreements can be created for couples choosing to live together without getting married.

Domestic partnership agreements can still be created for same-sex couples who chose not to get married, and for other situations.

If a family issue is important, it deserves superior representation. Shulman Family Law Group, of Calabasas, is one of the foremost groups of prenuptial and postnuptial agreement attorneys in Southern California. Call our lawyers to describe your legal needs toll free at 800-230-1770, or describe your issue via email.