Family Formation & Relationship Law


More and more families are choosing, for a variety of reasons, to raise children without a formal marriage contract. Without this contract, it is a good idea to establish the father’s paternity.

Mothers of children born out of wedlock may seek to establish who is the child’s father so that she can pursue child support from the father

Fathers of children born out of wedlock may wish to enjoy the rights and responsibilities of fatherhood.

Children born out of wedlock benefit in many ways from having a legal father: the right to know who the father is, the right to share health care insurance, hereditary rights, and the right to know whether there are significant health issues on the father’s side.

The family lawyers at Shulman Family Law Group, assist unmarried parents in obtaining the same rights as married parents — rights that involve child custody and child support.

Resolving Paternity Issues for the Good of the Child

In most cases, establishing paternity is a matter of filling out papers. Paternity tests are usually minimal. When paternity is disputed, a DNA test is conducted – a simple swipe of a swab against the cheek.

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