Divorce & asset division

Maintaining Lifestyle

Spousal support is an entrenched principle in California family law, but there are few hard and fast guidelines for what constitutes the “right amount” in an alimony/spousal support agreement.

The law simply indicates that a just and reasonable level of support should be based on the standard of living established during the marriage. This insistence reflects a history of nonworking spouses being impoverished following divorce. To what level your lifestyle can be maintained is determined by the skill of the attorney you work with.

Maintaining Lifestyle Requires Winning Your Case

If you are seeking a divorce and expect spousal support to enable you to maintain your style of living, you must support that claim, either in negotiation or in court.

At Shulman Family Law Group, of Calabasas, we help people who have enjoyed success in life to maintain an acceptable level of comfort and security following the divorce. Our firm is known throughout Southern California for our success is establishing appropriate spousal support levels.

Our approach is to document exactly what constitutes your current lifestyle. We demonstrate what social networks you are part of, what clubs you belong to, what philanthropic activities you participate in, your travel habits, and where appropriate, your need for personal assistance.

Confidentiality is Part of the Service We Provide

Our preference is to negotiate an agreement out of court, to shield both sides from unwanted publicity and to keep expenses under control. When necessary, we do go to court with our demands, and we have enjoyed consistent success there.

Our services are well-known among business leaders, celebrities and sports figures in the Los Angeles area. If you are not familiar with us, it is because of our policy of maintaining a low profile to protect our clients’ privacy.

To discuss your spousal support situation, and your expectations to maintain a reasonable lifestyle, call us at 800-230-1770 to arrange a phone consultation or in-person meeting with lawyer Maya Shulman. Or describe your situation using this online form.