Divorce & asset division

Hidden Assets

In hotly contested divorces, spouses are not always forthcoming about their assets. Sometimes this is inadvertent; other times it is intentional. Either way, undisclosed assets create problems because property division can’t proceed fairly without everything on the table.

At Shulman Family Law Group, the most common hidden assets we discover include:

  • Personal assets mingled with business assets

  • Offshore financial accounts

  • Illegal transfers

  • Overseas investments and real estate

  • Property placed in the name of a third party

  • False documents

  • Undisclosed retirement accounts, trusts and other funds

Assets Discovered Following Divorce

Hidden assets are sometimes discovered after the divorce is finalized. Those assets can still be divided by court order. This “second chance” to discover assets is only permitted in certain circumstances and within a certain time frame. Ask our lawyers whether this opportunity applies to your situation.

Do you suspect there are hidden assets in your divorce? If you think your spouse is being dishonest in identifying assets, call the asset division lawyers at Shulman Family Law Group in Calabasas, California. Call us at 800-230-1770 to discuss your concerns, or describe them to our attorneys using this online form.