Divorce and Asset Division


At the family law firm of Shulman Family Law Group, clients expect superior communications, unsurpassed expertise and professionalism in all that we do. Our reputation for respectful and effective work with divorce and divorce-related issues sets us apart from other firms.

Problematic and high net worth divorces require greater experience and expertise than typical cases because of the financial and emotional complications. If that describes the problem that lies before you, work with lawyers who are accustomed to complexity and have the technical skills and the assertive temperament to bring you to a successful conclusion.

Asset Division

Part of the divorce process is the determination of and division of the assets (and debts) of the marriage. This is why it is always best to rely on a knowledgeable attorney rather than try to do it yourself. Our experienced and professional attorneys at Shulman Family Law Group understand how complicated asset division can be and will meet with you and discuss your needs and concerns.

Community or Separate Property

CA Family Code §§760-772 establish two types of property in a divorce proceeding — community property and separate property. Our attorneys can assist you with this process and help you protect the property that is yours:

Community property.

This is considered to be any property that was added to the ownership of either spouse during the course of the marriage. Examples of community property are employer contributions, incentive stock options, compensation in the form of vehicles or real estate, financial benefits set by your employer (severance pay, vacation pay, etc.), stock (if given in place of your salary), homes and vehicles purchased during the marriage.

Separate property.

This is property that is purchased or acquired before the marriage occurred, was acquired with separate property funds after the date of separation or was acquired at any time by gift or inheritance.

Valuation of Assets

Regardless of the number of your assets, it is necessary under California law to compile a valuation of those assets.

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