Child Custody


An unauthorized move-away with one’s child to another state is a difficult matter. Custody disputes involving other nations are even more complex, and require a degree of global sophistication that few family law firms can muster.

These cases, involving both countries that adhere to the Hague Convention on parental responsibility and protection of children, and countries that are not Hague Convention signatories, are not common. But when they arise, and the well-being of the child, who may be held by duress, is at stake, you want the best legal minds guiding you to a satisfactory outcome.

Resolving Custody Disputes Across International Boundaries

The process is begun by filing a request with the U.S. State Department. The State Department will forward an official request to the foreign ministry of the nation in question. This is usually not a rapid process, as legal differences between the two countries are worked out. Attorney Maya Shulman of Shulman Family Law Group, follows each case carefully, observing correct protocol at every step to ensure the safe return of the child.

To accomplish these agreements, Shulman Family Law Group maintains close relationships with family law attorneys in numerous countries. When a client’s request is disputed by the other parent, we work with these attorneys of the firms abroad to facilitate the return of his or her child.

Child custody lawyer Maya Shulman also represents custodial parents who seek to prevent the return of their child to another country, whether the country is or is not a Hague Convention signatory.

Ms. Shulman is one of Southern California’s elite interstate and international custody attorneys. You are invited to contact Ms. Shulman at our Calabasas office at 800-230-1770 to discuss your interstate and international family law issues.