Raffaela Jacob


Raffaela is a valued member of the Shulman Family Law Group, having served as a legal assistant/paralegal since 2014. With a wealth of experience in the field, Raffaela brings a kind, honest, and sensitive approach to her work. Holding the designation of a Notary Public, she specializes in preparing Interspousal Deeds, facilitating Stipulated Judgments, among other essential tasks.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Raffaela finds joy in spending quality time with her two sons and extended family. Whether it’s enjoying the latest movies, staying active through workouts, or expressing herself through dance, she embraces life’s simple pleasures. Raffaela has a penchant for Starbucks and sushi, savoring the delightful experiences they offer. Fluent in Spanish, she effectively communicates and assists our Spanish-speaking clients with ease and understanding.

As a dedicated member of the Shulman Family Law Group team, Raffaela is driven by her commitment to provide compassionate and diligent support to clients facing various family law matters. Her expertise and compassionate approach contribute to a positive client experience, ensuring they navigate their legal journeys with confidence and reassurance.