Love, then marriage, and sometimes divorce. That’s been the way of some couples for the past few generations. But now, the institute of marriage is taking on some new guidelines, and sometimes even no guidelines at all, limiting the unexpected stressors that often coincides with it.

Maya Shulman, Esq., a Southern California Family Law attorney, and her team at the Shulman Family Law Group now provides legal counseling regarding premarital issues. From domestic partnership to cohabitation agreements, Shulman’s firm uses her legal knowledge and capabilities to help improve communication and conflict management in clients’ relationships.

“Family Law is not just about divorce or ‘aftermath of marriage,’” Maya Shulman says, “it’s also about building rules or a legal foundation between two people so they know how to deal with stressful situations in their relationship.” As more millennials are looking to tie the knot in the coming years, 62% of lawyers have seen an increase in clients seeking prenuptial agreements. These agreements are made to set the standard of what is communal versus private property between the couple and what happens to the communal property if ever separated. Undoubtedly, such an agreement can be a positive step towards a healthy marriage.

Similarly, as some people now choose to diverge from the idea of marriage, clients also seek out cohabitation agreements with their partners. “This is another way to set rules and protect your assets,” informs Ms. Shulman.

Being that California is a communal state, it’s important to establish “yours” and “mine” to avoid potential messy breakups. “Too often, I deal with couples who have to let the court decide what is to be divided. These are safety plans the client puts in place in case anything may go wrong.”

Undoubtedly, the need for this expertise has grown in the Southern Californian counties, and Maya Shulman’s team is ready to address any premarital concerns. The firm’s counseling services include:

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Domestic Partnership Agreements
  • And more

With decades of collective Family Law experience, the Shulman Family Law Group is ready to assist clients with premarital counseling as well as in their other practices listed, adoptions, surrogacy, separations, asset division, child support and custody, and immigration. Book a consultation today at