Protection Of Parental Rights Worldwide

Protection Of Parental Rights Worldwide

Families form an integral part of the society. And as unbelievable as it might sound, some of the most complex and difficult lawsuits out there essentially deal with conflicts between parents and their children. That being said, it is imperative to understand the very fabric of how a family should legally function in order to minimize disputes. And that is where parental rights come into picture.

As the name suggests parental rights all around the world refer to the legal rights of parents over taking important decisions and actions on the behalf of their child. In other words, the family laws in any given country dictate a few important terms that award the parents a legal right to exercise their discretion in the best interests of the child.

What Are The Different Parental Rights?

Regardless of whether they are a child’s biological parents, legal guardians, foster parents or adoptive parents, all parents typically possess the following parental rights:

1. A legal right to acquire both physical and legal custody of the child

2. A legal right to make important decisions for the treatment of an ill child

3. A legal right to sign up contracts on the behalf of the child

4. A Legal right to nominate the child as a legal heir form property inheritance

5. A legal right to child visitation in the event of a separation or divorce

It is important to note here that although the basic fundamental parental rights are the same worldwide, there might be subtle variations in the clauses depending upon the specific national or state laws.

The Need For Protecting Parental Rights

Active protection and preservation of parental rights are critical to minimizing parent-child conflicts and ensuring peace and harmony within families. It goes without saying that children are spiritually, mentally and emotionally closest to their parents. That being said, it is the responsibility and the right of the parents to invest their greater experience in life in preparing their kids to take on the world fearlessly and with great confidence.

It is the parents who essentially have the most comprehensive understanding of what is best for their children. And that is why it is their legal right to not only guide their child towards the path of virtue and success in life but also make critical decisions on the latter’s behalf when he/she is not mature enough to do so, on his/her own.

Studies indicate that a strong parental involvement can be extremely beneficial for the healthy development and emotional well-being of a child.

Here are a few reasons why protection of parental rights is equally important for the empowerment of the child as the parents:

1. Parents can exercise their rights in guiding the lifestyle choices (such as education, dietary habits) of their children and ensure that the latter grow up to be healthy and confident adults.

2. Children who have deeply involved parents are likely to not only secure better grades at school but also excel in their favorite hobbies and extracurricular activities.

3. Parents who exercise their rights in nurturing their child with their experience and better understanding of the world are likely to have their children develop greater communication skills and be more socially competent in their adulthood.

4. Protection and enforcement of parent rights has been found to significantly reduce the chances of the teenage children straying from the right path and developing addictive habits of drug or alcohol abuse.

Most importantly, the protection of parental rights must be upheld worldwide to ensure that the children are able to benefit from the experience and social exposure of their parents for leading a happy and fulfilling life themselves.

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