The journey to surrogacy and creating a family can be overwhelming. 


With so many things that can arise during this life-changing experience, it’s important to understand what it takes to navigate through the process of finding an agency or surrogate, understanding medical procedures and legal requirements, as well as handling all the financial matters.


The surrogacy process is both complex and emotionally charged. 


As intending parents, you may encounter numerous obstacles and challenges along the way. 


Fortunately, hiring a surrogacy attorney can be immensely helpful in addressing these obstacles and ensuring a smooth process.

What Are Some Issues An Attorney Can Help You With?

Exploring surrogacy is an important personal decision for many couples, but it’s not without its challenges.


Given the legal process involved in this arrangement, having professional assistance from a qualified attorney can make a world of difference when it comes time to secure your family’s future through surrogacy. 


Here are some issues they can address:


Emotional Issues-Surrogacy is an emotionally charged process that can be overwhelming, especially for first-time participants


Both the intended parents and the surrogate mother may face various emotional hurdles that require appropriate guidance and support. 


A surrogacy attorney with experience handling surrogacy cases can offer counseling services and support to help the parties involved navigate the difficult emotions that surrogacy can bring.


Medical Procedures- Surrogacy involves several medical procedures, including fertility treatments, embryo transfers, and prenatal care. 


Some examples may include in vitro fertilization (IVF), embryo transfers, and gestational surrogacy agreements.


Each of these procedures involves unique legal considerations that should be carefully navigated with the assistance of an experienced attorney.


Legal conflicts between the intended parents and surrogate- Legal conflicts between the intended parents and the surrogate can be one of the most stressful challenges that can arise during the surrogacy process. 


These conflicts can arise from disagreements over parental rights, contractual obligations, compensation, and various other issues. Legal disputes between intended parents and surrogates can have long-lasting consequences, including emotional stress and financial expenses. 


It’s essential for all parties involved to have proper legal guidance throughout the process, including the drafting of contracts and the navigating of any conflicts that may arise.


Complications during the surrogate’s screening process- As surrogacy often involves a screening and selection process of a surrogate, complications can arise during this stage. 


One possible complication is the discovery of an underlying medical condition in the surrogate that may make carrying a pregnancy to term more challenging or even impossible. 


Psychological issues such as depression or anxiety may emerge, as the surrogate comes face to face with the realities of carrying a child for another family.


Another potential complication is the failure of the embryo transfer procedure, which may require additional attempts or adjustments to the surrogate’s medication regimen. 


It’s essential for intended parents and surrogates to work closely with medical professionals to anticipate and address any potential complications and ensure that the surrogacy journey is as smooth and successful as possible.


At the end of the day, surrogacy is a process that can be incredibly rewarding, it’s just not without its challenges. 


Navigating these challenges can be complicated and stressful without the professional assistance of a surrogacy attorney. 


Surrogacy attorneys can provide invaluable guidance and support during the surrogacy process, ensuring that both the surrogate and the intended parents’ interests are met, and the surrogacy agreement runs smoothly. 


With careful planning, open communication, and the right legal representation, surrogacy can be a transformative experience for all parties involved.