Modifying Existing Orders

You Can Modify Existing Orders If You Encounter Significant Changes

Divorce orders do not stay relevant forever. People move from place to place. Careers change. Ex-spouses marry other people. All of these changes have the potential to make existing custody or support arrangements obsolete and subject to modification.

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Shulman Family Law Group is one of Southern California’s most experienced and respected family law firms. We have assisted in modifying divorce orders involving business leaders, professionals, entertainers and professional athletes.

Our job as lawyers is to protect your interests at every stage, drawing on both our experience in the law and the discretion required when wealth and celebrity status are part of the mix.


We Also Assist With Enforcement

When one party ignores the terms of a divorce or paternity order or a child or spousal (alimony) support agreement, the client must take necessary steps to enforce the orders.

We assist clients who encounter an ex-spouse’s or an ex-partner’s noncompliance with court orders. We petition the courts to enforce the terms of the order by utilizing all the enforcement remedies available, even issuing contempt orders if the other party fails to comply.

If changing or enforcing court orders is on your agenda, work with one of the most admired family law firms in Southern California. You are invited to call the lawyers at Shulman Family Law Group to discuss your legal problems. Call 818-212-0010 or use our online form.


Inquire About Private Judging

Our firm also provides private judges to manage family disputes out of the spotlight of the press. Many clients choose private judging because it allows the parties to retain control of the process, maintain confidentiality and achieve results quickly and without the bureaucracy of regular courts.