You may have heard the term “marrying out of your league.” It refers to a situation in which someone’s spouse is significantly more attractive than their partner. Many people say love is blind, but studies show that men who marry spouses who are significantly more attractive than them have less-committed spouses and face a higher risk of divorce. 

One study found that physically mismatched couples have a higher risk of encountering trouble in their relationship, not because the more attractive spouse is less committed, but because the less attractive spouse is more likely to become jealous and mistrusting.

Mismatches, in terms of attractiveness, do happen, and they don’t always result in divorce. However, it’s been indicated in some studies that women who are partnered with less-attractive spouses are more likely to flirt with others and potentially be less committed in their relationships.

Someone who is in this situation may not be surprised. When couples decide to end their marriage, it’s necessary for both parties to protect their interests in terms of dividing the marital assets. This process can be stressful and combative. However, with experienced legal counsel assisting, it often goes smoothly.

Your attorney can help you negotiate for the assets you need and deserve out of your marriage so you can move forward with the financial security you desire. Whether a divorce involves a “Beauty and the Beast” situation or just two people who cannot make the marriage work, it is important to work with a family law attorney who knows how to protect your rights in and out of court.