This pandemic has challenged all of us in new ways. The shelter in place orders have forced people to cocoon in their homes and self-manage their anxieties of the world around them.

Now that health officials have learned more about the virus and its potential, people are now taking their chances with social distancing activities. Since this mean mitigating the risks, we at Shulman Family Law Group would like to share with clients and prospects alike the best ways to stay safe, healthy, and sane.

First, if you are over the age of 60 and/or you have preexisting conditions, this could increase your risk to catching the virus. Take more precautionary measures to avoid any type of interaction that could pose danger. Limiting your exposure is critical.

Second, everyone should continue social distancing. Even though businesses are reopening and people are eager to get together, each person can do their part by keeping 6-feet apart, avoid touching their faces, and wear a fabric masks when going into crowded locations like a grocery store.

Third, people should think of others. If you feel sick, stay home. Always be mindful of a cough or sneeze, even if they are innocent. Don’t forget to sanitize your hands straight away.

Fourth, don’t be too anxious. Yes, this virus is putting a lot of stress of everyone. Don’t get scared when people walk by. Relieve some of the stress by smiling at your neighbors. Remember, we are all experiencing this together, it will surely brighten up your day and theirs.

Fifth, do not be obsessive. We are all taking the necessary precautions but don’t feel like you need to sanitize your things every second. At most, create a sterile space so you won’t fixate on it as often.

Sixth, understand that things are just not entirely in our control. We may take all the precautions necessary to desal with this virus, but there are no absolutes. Learn how to return to the public and interact with people without the stress.

Shulman Family Law Group is committed to practice these precautions to keep their clients and prospects safe and assured. They encourage that everyone continues these practices not only for themselves and their families, but their divorce proceedings as well.

If you have any questions or are looking for assistance in your divorce case during the coronavirus pandemic, please call Shulman Family Law Group at (818) 222-0010.