People who don’t follow the tabloids or watch celebrity “news” shows might assume that the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie divorce was settled long ago. The power couple filed for divorce over two years ago, in September 2016. They had been married for just two years, but they had been together for over a decade.

However, the two are still at odds, and their battles have gained some media attention. Their next court date is scheduled for early in December. One major issue is custody of their six children.

While Jolie sought sole physical custody of the kids when the two split up, Pitt countered with a request for joint physical and legal custody. That’s not the only thing they’ve been battling over in the past couple of years. This summer, Jolie went to court claiming that her estranged husband had neglected to pay any “meaningful” amount of child support in 18 months.

Pitt countered that he had paid bills and other expenses for Jolie and the children totaling over $1.3 million. He also said he had loaned her $8 million to help pay for a home.

The couple, like many wealthy and/or famous people, has retained a retired Los Angeles judge to help settle their issues, including those related to child custody. Recently, we discussed the role played by private judges here in Los Angeles and throughout the country.

While the level of assets involved in the “Brangelina” split may not be easy for many people to relate to, all divorcing couples with kids can identify with the desire of parents to continue to be part of their children’s lives and to do what is best for them.