For people who have intended to create families via surrogacy as the pandemic emerged, we understand this is a difficult time. This is especially tough for those coming from places like the UK who travel to other countries to become parents. It’s known surrogacy laws in these places are outdated, and thus pose an unfair barrier to for infertile couples and same-sex couples.

The UK, specifically, is expected to come out with a report that will recommend changes to the stringent laws in 2021. Thereafter, Parliament will review the recommendations. Although, due to the current laws, the lengthy timeline, and the uncertainty, UK intended parents would undertake surrogacy within the United States.

The US has been a place for surrogacy as the industry and laws around the practice have emerged and been quite progressive. Unfortunately, now due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, the people longing to start a family are left without an option. With the limitations in travel and doctor visits reserved only for emergencies, these intended parents are at a loss.

The best thing to do now, for all couples and individuals still eager to build a family, is to keep updated on the available resources and news pertaining to surrogacy. Information makes us better equip. Remember, this situation is only temporary, so stay calm and find the joy in saving and preparing for your future family.