Your California divorce does not have to be a public affair. Unfortunately, when you are a well-known, public figure, you may feel as though most of your life decisions are under the scrutiny of the media. When it comes to a divorce, naturally you want to keep it as private as possible. According to the Divorce Magazine, you should avoid social media. You should particularly avoid having public fights over social media. This is one way to stir up gossip. 

Vanity Fair explains that once you file for divorce, it is public knowledge. It helps if you plan your divorce before you go through with filing it. Otherwise, the media may try to monitor the entire process. You can go through divorce settlements without the watchful eye of the media. Meet somewhere covert, so that no one can catch wind of the divorce negotiations. 

It is important to note that most media outlets find out about divorce filings right away. Sometimes, you can file in branch offices and this will keep the media from hearing about it right away. Often, you will not be able to seal the files, because most people cannot do this. However, if you have divorce proceedings regarding children, the custody hearings are closed. 

Another way that you can avoid media coverage is to time your divorce announcement. One of the best times to announce your divorce is on a weekend in the summer. This is especially true if you can line it up with a holiday or time it around other divorces. This will lessen the media attention on you and your ex-spouse.