Children have an innocent way of looking at things in life that sometimes we simply forget how influential they can be. But simple things, good or bad, can affect them mentally, physically and spiritually in a negative or positive way.


We don’t even realize that often they become collateral damage when family issues occur. 




Because they’re too young to understand or handle stress like adults do. And let’s face it, even some adults cannot handle the stresses of adulthood, imagine what a child is feeling.


This stress and anxiety can overflow in several aspects of their lives including education.

What Are Some Impacts of Family Issues that Can Affect a Child’s Education?

There are several common issues that can affect a child’s school performance:


  • Changes in family relationships-This can include divorce, death of a parent or perhaps a blending of two families together. When family dynamic changes happen, their whole world can turn upside down in a blink of an eye. With there only being one parent, a child may feel neglected as their single parents have to work longer hours for additional financial support. Less time can cause resentfulness creating misbehavior and withdrawal at school. The same could be said about the blending of two families, your child may feel left out as new relationships are formed and new members are introduced.
  • Financial instabilityAs we mentioned earlier, sometimes parents need to work longer hours to make ends meet. When kids feel the impact of a financial strain it can add additional stress and have an effect on their school performance.
  • Sibling bullying-Sometimes that fun banter between siblings can get out of hand and one sibling can feel bullied. This can affect their self-esteem and cause emotional problems, which can ultimately lead to a child struggling in school because of their inability to focus..

Children find it hard trying not to worry about the little things in life especially when it’s happening to them. 


But things happen that are out of our control because life happens. As a parent, clearly this is not something we want for our children. 

What Can You Do To Show Your Support?

Children need a sense of normalcy in the midst of the storm. If you find your family is confronted with difficult challenges, communication with your child is essential.


Here’s some things that can help you connect with your child:

  • Make physical contact. Children strive by being shown love and affection. Hugs, kisses, tickles, snuggles, high fives, they’ll feel your love shine through.
  • Give them your time. Children want attention and one on one time is golden to them.
  • Show them your appreciation. Let them know how their support and helpfulness is welcomed and appreciated.
  • Do something exciting with them to take their mind off the problem. 


Remember a child’s mind is like a sponge. They will absorb all the things around them that will help shape them into the person they will become. Be careful to guard their minds and their hearts for them to have positive growth.