Divorces are hard on everyone including friends, family members, children and yourself. It can be hard to manage their expectations along with your own. You may even have to deal with the loss of your marriage alongside the loss of close friends or family members as a result of the breakup. 

For many people, the divorce itself is not about the paperwork. It’s the untangling of their lives, and they want to do it right. You’re right to assume that the documentation of the divorce is necessary legally, but from an emotional aspect, you have to be in the right state of mind to get that work done.

How can you help yourself get through the emotional rollercoaster of divorce?

To start with, you need to establish some boundaries for yourself. If you aren’t on good terms with your partner, then it’s probably best to give them, and yourself, some space. You should do what you can to recharge your mental health, taking a vacation or break before continuing to deal with divorce. Many people set aside one or two days per week where they deal with their divorce and leave the rest of the time for work, their personal needs and their own activities.

If you’re losing multiple people over the divorce, it can be hard to cope with fewer people to talk to. Stick close to those who support you and are there for you, so you can boost your own confidence and security in the decision you’re making for yourself. The legal documents will be there when you are ready to tackle them.