Deciding to undergo IVF isn’t a simple choice, and determining the right time to pursue it can be challenging. IVF is a procedure involving retrieving a woman’s mature eggs from the ovaries, fertilizing them with sperm in a lab, and then implanting the resulting embryo back into the woman’s uterus. 


Every couple must make the personal decision of when to embark on IVF. This blog aims to assist you in understanding the factors to consider, empowering you to confidently make this decision.


Understanding your fertility journey.


Everyone’s fertility journey is different, and this impacts how couples decide when to start IVF. Things like your medical history, age, financial situation, and emotional readiness impact your decisions. 


It’s important to seek medical advice to ensure that you understand your fertility options. You want to be educated on what treatments there are, and how these treatments may work for you.


Signs indicating it may be time for IVF.


There are some signs that may help you determine if IVF is the right choice for you.


If you’ve tried other fertility treatments and have not had a successful pregnancy, it may be time to consider IVF.


If you’ve been diagnosed with fertility issues that can be addressed through IVF, you may want to consider IVF.


If your age or personal circumstances are impacting your decision, then you may find that now is the right time to pursue IVF.


Everyone is going to have a different experience, but these are some of the things that push people to begin their IVF journey.


How to set yourself up for success.


IVF can be a challenging journey. It’s important to be surrounded by a support system who will help you navigate the ups and downs. Before beginning your IVF journey, you may want to consider counseling or therapy to help prepare you for this process. 


It’s also important to consider the cost of IVF and to ensure that you’re in a spot where you are prepared for the financial implications. 


Finally, you and your partner must prepare together. IVF can be straining on a relationship, and it’s valuable to ensure that you both understand the process and the impact it may have. 


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IVF is a personal decision and can be a remarkable journey. If you’re considering pursuing IVF and have questions, contact us today!