Child custody disputes are some of the most common during divorces. Two parents are likely to want the same amount of time with their children, but even fairly splitting time means seeing their children less. 

As a parent, it’s important that you find ways to cope with seeing your children less so that the other parent also receives a fair amount of time with them. How can you help yourself during times when your children won’t be with you? Here are a few tips:

1. Pick up hobbies for your free time

One of the hardest things for newly divorced parents is having more free time. When your child isn’t at home and you’ll have more time for yourself, you should consider starting new hobbies. Join a sports team at a local club, start a new activity or work out; there are plenty of options for you to take up some of the time you used to spend with your child. This will help you begin focusing on yourself, which helps you move on from the divorce as well.

2. Keep lines of communication open

If being away from your child is something that makes you anxious, keep lines of communication open. Make sure your child has your phone number and email, messaging app names and so on. If you do, you’ll know that they can always reach you if anything happens. Be clear with your ex-spouse that being apart is stressful for you, so that they can be more considerate and perhaps allow your child to check in with you daily through one or more methods of communication.

These are two options for parents who are going through divorce and custody challenges. Take care of yourself so that you can enjoy the time you get to spend together.