Every child deserves to be a part of a loving and stable home, but many children don’t have a place where they’re safe and cared for.


Adoption creates opportunities for families to welcome children into their home and provide them with the environment they need to thrive.


International and domestic adoption can be an incredible way for a family to grow, and for a child to find a safe and loving permanent home where they can grow too.


Though adoption can be a life-changing experience for all that are involved, it can also be a challenging endeavor that involves an overwhelming amount of paperwork and loopholes. It’s important to have processes that keep children and families safe, and it’s also encouraging to see countries making changes in their procedures to create more opportunities for children to be adopted.


Countries are simplifying their adoption processes to remove unnecessary roadblocks, and expedite the process for adoptive parents.


How South Korea is Making More Opportunities for Children to be Adopted


South Korea recognized how long waiting times were challenging for prospective adoptive parents.


They have taken significant steps to minimize paperwork and use digital tools to facilitate a smoother and more efficient adoption process.


How India is Making More Opportunities for Children to be Adopted


Sometimes, ambiguous laws prevent perspective parents from proceeding with an adoption. India revised its adoptions laws to make them more straightforward.


These revisions are intended to be beneficial for parents, and also ensure that children’s best interest is kept.



How China is Making More Opportunities for Children to be Adopted


The Hague Adoption Convention is an international treaty in China that sets standard to protect the rights and interests of children, birth parents, and adoptive parents involved in intercountry adoption.


This commitment aligns with the country’s dedication to ethical and transparent adoption processes.



How Australia is Making More Opportunities for Children to be Adopted


Australia recognizes that post-adoption services are vital in ensuring that parents and children are able to thrive in their new situation. They offer counseling, educational support, and access to healthcare to aid an adoptive child’s well-being.


How Canada is Making More Opportunities for Children to be Adopted


Canada provides financial support to adoptive parents, along with tax credits, adoptive grants, and financial assistance to encourage adoptive parents to proceed with domestic adoptions.


How are these countries making a difference?


Each of these countries has developed procedures and policies that are intended to equip children and parents with the tools, resources, and support that they need to have a successful adoption story.


It’s encouraging to see how these countries are making changes to make a difference.


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