It isn’t always easy to develop a parenting schedule that works for your child and ex-spouse when your job doesn’t have traditional hours. You might not have a consistent work schedule and that can lead to custody conflicts, too.

If you ask to adjust your schedule, you’re worried about losing hours. You need to keep working as much as possible, so what can you do? The solution may be easier than you think.

1. Talk to your boss about days you can’t work

Even if you’re worried about losing hours, you may be able to talk to your boss about days when they need fewer employees to come in. Look at your schedule and the days you normally don’t work. Ask if you can get those days guaranteed, so you always know that you have them open for your child.

2. Talk to the other parent about their schedule when yours is uncertain

You can ask the other parent about their schedule and the potential for last-minute changes. No one appreciates finding out that the other parent can’t work as expected but if you can give them notice at the beginning of a two-week period, for example, it might be possible to adjust the schedule to suit your unusual workweek.

3. Prepare babysitters or day care

If you have no option but to have custody and aren’t sure about your availability, make sure you have a third party available to watch your child. This will take pressure off you and make sure your child has someone to care for them at all times.