Domestic Violence

Knowledgeable Legal Approach To Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not the hush-hush issue it once was. Advocacy groups have squashed myths about domestic violence and made victims aware it is not something they have to live with.

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Defined as abuse — physical or emotional — or the threat of abuse by one household member against another, domestic violence can play a critical role in the outcome of a divorce or the end of a non-marital relationship. California law states that a person who is convicted of domestic violence against a spouse within the past five years should not receive spousal support. A conviction for domestic violence also may be a factor in the division of marital assets.

The downside of this is that false accusations of domestic violence are more prevalent. Angry spouses who want to exact revenge on a spouse are making untrue accusations that can produce unjust judgments, not to mention criminal charges.


A Trusted Advocate For Victims And Those Falsely Accused

At Shulman Family Law Group, we advocate for victims of domestic violence and for those who face false accusations of violence. Immediate action is important in these cases before the situation spirals out of control.

Under California law, a person may be charged with domestic violence if there is an act of violence against a spouse or former spouse, a close family member, a cohabitant, a person who the alleged accuser dated or a had a child with.

Our attorneys can assist in obtaining a domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) that can remove the accused from a family home and temporarily prevent contact.

We also help defend against domestic abuse accusations in family law matters. Because the consequences of these charges are so serious, it is important to act immediately when you face an accusation of domestic violence.


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