Divorce is hard.

Having to pay alimony can be harder.

It financially ties you to your partner after your marriage dissolves.

BUT what happens if your ex decides to remarry.

Do you still have to pay alimony?

Well, that depends on your Mutual Settlement Agreement.

Normally, under California Family Code (Cal. Fam. Code e § 4334) the obligation to pay future alimony automatically would end if the supported spouse remarries.

And it’s their responsibility to let you know if and when that happens.

However, if you agreed to waive Family Code 4337 their getting remarried wouldn’t stop alimony.

Not sure where you fall in the alimony department, the best thing to do is to look over your divorce agreement.

Some of the court language can be a bit unclear.

Consulting with a professional can bring some clarity.

Consult Shulman Family Law Group should you need further assistance.