Are you considering the life-changing act of adopting a child?

Have you heard myths and falsehoods about fostering to adopt that have made you hesitate?

The truth is that many of these misconceptions have no basis.

There are just some common beliefs that were created along the way.

Some Common Myths of Fostering to Adopt

Myth 1: You Have To Be Perfect To Be Approved – Becoming a foster-to-adopt parent requires passing background checks, providing references, and completing training. However, there is no such thing as being “perfect” when it comes to becoming a parent; all families have strengths and weaknesses. The point of the screening process isn’t necessarily to determine whether or not you’re perfect but rather if you possess the qualities necessary to provide stability in a child’s life.

Myth 2: You Can’t Love A Foster Child As Much As Your Own Children – This myth is completely false! In fact, many adoptive parents report feeling like they love their adopted child just as much as their biological children. Love is not something that has limits or can be measured; it exists freely within us all regardless of circumstance or relationship status.

Myth 3: Children In Foster Care Are Bad.  A common belief is that children in foster care come from broken homes or situations where there was abuse or neglect present. Children in foster care are normal, good kids despite the challenging circumstances they face. Through no fault of their own, these children were left without safety and security from those who should have provided it. These experiences can be difficult to cope with but also fosters immense strength and resilience within them.

Myth 4: Adopting From Foster Care Is Expensive. Foster care adoption is a surprisingly accessible option for loving parents-to-be. Not only are there potential subsidies that make adoptions free of charge, but those without Adoption Assistance may be shocked to learn the entire process could cost less than $1500!

Myth 5: You Have To Be Married. Simply not true. While married couples may be more likely to receive priority in the adoption process due to their financial stability, single parents are completely capable of providing a loving home. In fact, many children come into foster care with one parent already in their life; they’re just looking for another person who will love and nurture them as part of their family.

Myth 6: You Need A Large Income Or House To Adopt Or Foster. While having access to extra resources is helpful, it’s not necessary. Many families find that they can afford fostering and adopting on their current incomes. Most states don’t have minimum requirements for the size of the home.  All that matters is that your home is safe and comfortable for any children who may enter it. 

By stepping into the world of foster adoption, caring individuals and families can discover the tremendous happiness that comes with creating a loving home for a foster child. When done compassionately, fostering to adopt has extraordinary potential to bring endless joy – both as a parent and as a child – within one wonderful family bond.