Surrogacy is becoming an increasingly popular option among families looking to expand their family tree regardless of whether they have medical conditions or not. 


From providing additional control over their fertility journey to representing both partners’ genetics in an LGBTQ couple’s family unit.


There are plenty of reasons why families might prefer this method over traditional pregnancy and childbirth these days- they should never feel ashamed about doing so! 

Exploring the Benefits of Surrogacy for Families

For many couples and families, surrogacy is a viable option when it comes to having children. 


While some couples and individuals use surrogates because they are unable to physically carry a baby themselves due to medical issues, others elect to go this route even if they are healthy enough to carry their own child.


So, why do they choose this path? 


Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons families opt for surrogates.


Medical Factors-One of the most common reasons that families opt for surrogacy is if the intended mother has medical conditions that make carrying a baby difficult or dangerous. 


Conditions such as advanced age, reproductive issues, or chronic health problems can all lead to complications during pregnancy and childbirth, making it necessary for parents to turn to surrogacy instead.


Personal Preference-Surrogacy isn’t just utilized by those who have medical conditions; it can also be chosen as a personal preference by those who are healthy enough to carry a child themselves. 

Many people choose surrogacy because it eliminates the physical toll of pregnancy on their body, allowing them more freedom and flexibility with their lives and careers. 


It also gives them more control over the process than traditional pregnancy does by allowing them to handpick their surrogate and set expectations for her during the process.


LGBTQ Couples – Surrogacy has become increasingly popular among LGBTQ couples looking to start families of their own. 


For those who cannot conceive naturally due to same-sex partnerships, surrogacy provides an opportunity for both partners to be involved in creating their family without relying on donor sperm or eggs from third parties. 


By choosing surrogacy, LGBTQ couples can ensure that at least one partner’s genetic material will be represented in their child while also gaining full legal rights as parents from day one.


It’s All About Time – For many families, time is an issue when it comes to traditional pregnancy and childbirth. 


Some couples may have careers that demand long hours or travel or may be in the middle of relocating from one city or state to another. 


Surrogacy can be beneficial for these families because it allows them to enjoy growing their family without having to worry about taking time off from work or other obligations.


The decision to choose surrogacy is always personal and should never be taken lightly. 


If you’re considering using the services of a surrogate, it’s highly advised to seek the assistance of an experienced family law attorney first. 


An experienced attorney can guide you through the entire surrogacy process from start to finish and provide essential advocacy in order to protect your interests and rights throughout each step. So don’t go it alone – contact a family law attorney for guidance and support.