Moving With A Child

Relocating With A Child

A “move-away” occurs when a custodial parent decides to move far enough away that the existing custodial arrangement can no longer be adhered to. When the proposed move makes the current agreement impossible, new custody and visitation orders are required.

Before taking the conflict to a judge, California parents are required to attempt to reach an agreement on custody and visitation rights. If the parents are unable to reach an agreement, then the dispute must go to court, not to prevent the parent from moving but to decide whether the child may accompany the parent.

In these situations, it is critical to hire the most experienced child custody attorney possible. Child custody and move-away law is complex and voluminous. You will need a lawyer with considerable experience who is up to date on the many relevant precedents.

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International Move-Aways And Child Abductions

Custody disputes between other nations are extremely complex. Attorney Maya Shulman of Shulman Family Law Group, is one of Southern California’s top interstate and international family law attorneys. She works with families to establish home states for children who have been taken across national borders.

Ms. Shulman is also involved in a host of other complex international family law matters, including divorce, adoption and division of property.

It Is Important To Act Promptly In Move-Away Cases

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