Custody And Visitation

We Protect Your Role As A Parent Following Divorce

When a marriage is dissolved in California, or when paternity is established, the court issues custody and visitation orders. The courts generally want both parents to have frequent and continuing contact with the child (or children). According to California law, both parents are entitled to quality time with their children unless the court decides this is not in the best interest of the child.

Situations that might prevent or diminish a parent’s chances of getting custody of the child include a criminal conviction, drug or alcohol abuse, proven allegations of child abuse and proven instances of child neglect or endangerment.

Resolving Difficult Interstate And International Custody Disputes

An unauthorized move-away with one’s child to another state is a difficult matter. Custody disputes involving other nations are even more complex, and require greater global sophistication than most family law firms can muster.

Maya Shulman of Shulman Family Law Group is one of Southern California’s elite interstate and international custody attorneys. You are invited to contact Ms. Shulman to discuss your interstate and international family law issues.

With the ability to speak Russian, and understand Slavic languages of the Eastern Europe, Ms. Shulman is well-versed in the issues the U.S. immigrant population faces and has worked in the past with St. Vincent’s Center for Family Law.

At the family law firm of Shulman Family Law Group, clients expect superior communications, unsurpassed expertise and professionalism in all that we do. Our reputation for respectful and effective work in child custody sets us apart from other firms.

Our attorneys apply their experience and knowledge to ensure that your children are protected and that your rights are properly represented.

Addressing The Full Spectrum Of Custody And Support Issues

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