The first Friday of November is a day to take the time to thank your hard-working lawyer. Lawyers dedicate their lives to mastering legal codes and help you through the difficult legal processes, so it’s that time of the year to send them your appreciation.

But how did this international celebration come to be? Back in 2001, legal marketer and American Lawyers Public Image Association founder, Nader Anise, originally marked the day as “No Lawyer Bashing or Jokes for a Day.” She established this day to put the stereotypical lawyer remarks aside and emphasis the good lawyers do that often go forgotten.

ALPIA gives numerous suggestions on ways to celebrate this day. You can express your love to your lawyer just by simply sending a card, sending flowers, giving a gift, taking them to lunch, make a donation to a charity in their name or send them a testimonial on their work. Visit their website to see their gifting options:

This year, you can also find the hashtag #LoveYourLawyerDay all over social media. This is also your chance to use the hashtag to express your appreciation for your hardworking lawyer. If you do something absolutely exciting or successfully pull off a perfect surprise, you should tweet, Facebook, or Instagram your photos and videos to #LoveYourLawyerDay!

Or, you can just refrain from telling any horrible lawyer jokes…that would be nice, too.