Can I Adopt a Child If I am Single?

Single people also have a desire to adopt a child and grow their family, but may be wondering if it’s even possible to adopt without a partner.


There are all types of families and dynamics – no one prototype makes one more successful than the other. 


Some single people feel like they’re in a great place to become a parent and adopt a child by themselves instead of as part of a couple, and the great news is, it’s definitely possible!


According to the U.S.Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) data, as of September 2019, there were 423,997 children in foster care. 


There’s a common misconception when it comes to adoption is that there needs to be a standard “nuclear family” situation with two parents and their children. However, there are many successful adoptions that involve individuals who want to be single parents.


In fact, in 2019, adoptive family structures included single females at 26% (16,817) and single males at 3% (2,232). So there are already plenty of families out there thriving with single parents.

The state of California has no requirements when it comes to marital status and adoption. Single parents are able to adopt a child, however it may increase their wait time for an adoption opportunity depending on the circumstance. 


One important distinction is that if you ARE and looking to adopt as a single parent but are married, consent is required from your partner in order to adopt a child on your own.


If you’re considering adoption as a single parent, there are resources that can help you through the process:

  1. Pre Adoption Training – A lot of adoption agencies offer training developed by adoption experts to help with a smooth transition. There are also online adoption courses available, through websites like Adoption Learning Partners 
  2. Your Support System – It’s important to have a group of people around that can assist if you need help or can give you emotional support. This can include friends, family, co-workers, anyone in your faith community, etc
  3. Adoption support groups – The National Foster Care & Adoption Directory offers information on support groups by states, once you enter your state visit the Kinship, Foster Care and Adoption Support Groups page 


So, while you may be adopting as a single parent, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone! 

There are many options to get the help and support that you need throughout the adoption process and during the transition of bringing your adopted child into your home. Another invaluable tool to use on your adoption journey is a skilled attorney who can help you navigate any legal questions or issues that you might have.  


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