Thinking about adopting in California? Not sure what your options might be?

Should you use a Public or Private Adoption Agency or maybe something else? 


These are all valid questions as adopting a child is one of the most loving and rewarding things you can do. But it can also become very overwhelming.  


In this post I’ll discuss the Pros and Cons of using an Adoption Agency, both Private and Public.


There are several benefits in working with an Adoption Agency, both private and public. 


Public Adoption Agencies are:


  • Skilled at matching children to adoptive families.
  • Provide information every step of the way. 
  • Help to find biological parents to get the necessary consents.
  • Organize and file the adoption paperwork.
  • Assign a social worker to the case when the process begins.
  • Create a close relationship with adoptive parents.
  • Provide assistance with home inspections.
  • Has knowledge of various state laws that can help parents deal with adoption.
  • Can help to find out all about their medical history before they become part of your family. 


In addition to the above, Private Adoption Agencies also offer:


  • Extensive counseling for both the adoptive parents, children (if age appropriate) and biological parents of the child. This can help the transition to run smoothly as well as protect the adoptive parents later on in the process, should something unexpected happen.


Keep in mind that just as adoption agencies have many benefits, there can be some drawbacks.


Let’s take a look at some of the cons of using an adoption agency.


Public Adoption Agencies:

  • Have more kids available to adopt but they’re usually older, have been in foster care or various group homes, or have special needs (abuse, drug addicted parents etc.)
  • If you choose a public or state funded agency, the fee (if any) would not be that high. However, they don’t have the funds for extra resources to provide additional services such as counseling.
  • Some agencies have a waiting period before a child can be placed in the new home. This is to ensure all consents have been given and the mother has not changed her mind. Which means that the child could be placed in foster care until everything is completed. 


Private Adoption Agency:


  • Has a higher adoption cost which can range anywhere between $5,000 and $40,000.
  • Usually deal with expecting mothers.
  • May have to pay medical and living expenses for the mother during pregnancy. 
  • Are more selective with screening parents based on their age, marital status, income, health, religion, sexual orientation, personal history and family size.


Looking to start your adoption journey today? Here’s some resources in California to help get you started:


National Adoption Agencies:



Local Adoption Agencies: