The pandemic has affected everyone’s lives, but the ones that struggle through it most is our first responders. Doctors, Nurses, the Fire Departments, the Police, and Government workers are just some of the brave folks that are willing to get between this virus and put their life on the line to keep communities safe.

But these first responders also have their own lives, and some might be dealing with divorce or battling through child custody. No matter the case, Shulman Family Law Group is here to help.

Beyond the usual crazy hours, traumatizing events, or high-risk situations, this pandemic has created a new set of challenges for these divorced parents. It’s important to note that each state and county have different approached to the physical custody of a child during this time. Some health care providers working in hospitals who may be in contact with patients that have COVID-19, for example, are some of the cases that would not be able to physically interact with their children.

But this does not mean that these parents should have no contact with their children whatsoever. It’s important for parents during this time to work together. For the parent that is not in the front lines, they should exercise allowing the other parent unlimited access for interacting with their children through FaceTime, phone calls, or other safe measures.

Beyond this, the courts should exercise an empathetic approach to custody orders. Since these are not simple cases, the judge should take into account every detail to grant the appropriate order to the first-responder parents.

Here at Shulman Family Law Group, we take all these details into account when working through your case, looking to serve those who serve us unconditionally every day. We look to provide the best strategy for first-responders during this time, and we will continue working by your side as life transitions into the “new normal.”

Advice we give to all parents at this time: stay safe, work together, be sympathetic, and put your children first.