News has been traveling throughout the country that states are beginning to roll-out their protocol for safe reopenings.

If you have a business and are planning to reopen, there are state and county requirements that needed to be followed through. As instructed by officials, all businesses planning to reopen require a written plan and documentation of steps they are taking to minimize the risk of transmitting the Coronavirus in the workplace.

Things to Keep in Mind

We want to advise our clients, and anyone checking in with Shulman Family Law, that safety is the most important. Though we are all excited to have our businesses start up again, we must be considerate of our own safety and the safety of others. Make sure to follow guidelines and go through the proper steps to assure you are reducing any possibility of transmission.

We at Shulman Family Law are always concerned about our client’s safety, so we are advising those with businesses to take the proper steps and providing resources available.

Remember, We Are Open

As we have also mentioned before, our offices are still open. We want to assure that if our clients have any emergencies and urgently must see us, we are available. That being said, we would also like to make sure we are doing our part in reducing transmission, so we encourage clients to conduct all office meetings remotely. Of course, everything is on a case by case basis. Regardless, we as a business are taking the necessary precautions to assure your safety as well as our own.

As Always…

Whether it’s your business or you going to any of the businesses that are reopening, stay safe and stay healthy!